Name  Photos  Destination  Duty  T.P.
Miss M.N.Upeksha de Silva   Accountant   055-2274560
Mr.  T.M.L Darmapala   Financial  Assistant Assisting to Accountant For Kind of Financial Activation  0718034485
Miss. D.M.N Sepalika Gunathilaka  FB IMG 15423427860564206 Public Management Assistant Preparing Monthly account Summary / Preparing Bank Reconciliation  0755980107
 Miss. D.W.T Ruwanmali  FB IMG 15423428430803769 Public Management Assistant Pay Roll Checking Contracts  0713309933
 Miss. U.G.S.Gamage FB IMG 15423427767434299 Public Management Assistant  Impurity veteran activities  0767057037
 Miss. A.S.S Shamali  FB IMG 15423428576868714 Public Management Assistant  maintaining Colman deposit Of Center  Government  0714401063
 Mr. W.M.S Wijelal  FB IMG 15423427704810214 Public Management Assistant  Stores Related Activities  0702880970
 Mr. D.M.S.P Disanayake  FB IMG 15423428772430829 Public Management Assistant  Procurement Related Activation  0703302454
Miss. K.M.M Damayanthi  FB IMG 15429537045372836 Public Management Assistant  Vehicle Revenue License Relates Activation 0702337379
Miss. R.M.P Shashiprabha  FB IMG 15429537099175910 Public Management Assistant  Checking Vouches Maintaining Expediently Ledger 0714958032
Mr. G.D.N Karunarathne   Development Officer  Pension Mincemeat  Activities 0715698366

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"Scan & Ask" e-Services DS Wellawaya

"Scan & Ask" e-Services DS Wellawaya

අපගේ මාර්ගගත 24x7 ඊ සේවාව සඳහා යොමුවීමට දැන්...

Corona Prevention Program | UPDATE STAGE 03

Corona Prevention Program | UPDATE STAGE 03

කො‍‍රෝනා වෛරසයෙන් මුළු ලොවම අකර්මණ්‍ය වුණ අවස්ථාවක,...

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