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To be the most excellent institution that provides productive,
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"To provide a service in line with government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people".
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wellawaya Divisional Secretariat Division, one of the 11 Divisional Secretary Divisions in Monaragala District, It is 190 miles high. It also consists of 29 Grama Niladhari Divisions. 1600 and the annual temperature is 20-30 C◦. Sq km The area is 598 km apart from the absolute location of the latitude 6◦26'45 "to 6◦26'50" north latitude and the longitude 81◦01'and 81◦14'30 "of the eastern longitudes. According to the relative position, the boundaries of the Badalkumbura divisional secretariat north and Badulla district, the Buttala divisional secretariat in the east and the Thanamalvil divisional secretariat in the south. Further this area covers 1: 50000 Metric Maps of Buttala, Badulla, Haputale, Kataragama and Thimbolaketiya.
 Kirindiya flows through the Udawakku Class in the Ella Divisional Secretariat Division of the North and flows right through the Wellawaya Divisional Secretariat Division and flows into Kirindi River by flowing into the sea.
In the district known as Wellassa, a large number of paddy fields are cultivated in Wellawaya and commercial crops are pepper, rubber, cinnamon and coconut. Further, they will further strengthen the livelihoods of cane cultivation, banana cultivation and peanuts.Although it has been an agro-mixed crop, this is considered to be the main area providing sugar candy to Pelwatte Sugar Company


Historical Background of Divisional Secretary's Division 
Wellawaya Korale which belongs to a proud history is a beautiful area in the mountainous region of the Uva province. It is located in the north from Monaragala and in the west, and the Ipylilla area is bounded by the Wellawaya Korale. Historically valuable history of this area extends to the time when the Aryans arrived. Historical sources explain that agriculture situated in Kirindi Oya is now in agriculture. Various findings are found regarding the name of the Wellawaya name. It is one opinion that the place where the depot was built was known as Wellawaya. Further, the legend of the wellawaya name of the legend is that sand was wet with blood and that the wood was later called Wellawaya. Further, this area provides a great boost to the natural beauty and loneliness of the Wellawaya Korale, such as hothouses, rock, rivers and climates. This kind of history is consisted of 29 Grama Niladhari Divisions and 143 villages. The Divisional Secretariat is spread across 597.9 sq. Km of land. 
 Information on Population Employment Income 
The total population of the Wellawaya Divisional Secretariat consisting of 29 Grama Niladhari Divisions is 68283 and the total number of families is 20617. The population of this population is 36557 and the male population is 36111. According to the ethnic groups, the population is spread over the divisional level according to ethnic and religious divisions. In general, according to the ethnic groups Sinhala 70235, Sri Lanka Tamil 648, Muslim 1106 and Other 679 According to religion, Buddhist 69997, Hindu 393, Islam 1695, Christian 510, Roman Catholic 63 As a result.The total population of the division is 21997 and the unemployment population is 18916. Further, 7050 people under the age of 5 years, between 6 and 12 years old and 9324 from 12 to 18 years old, and between 170 and 170 and 17067 among those aged between 55 and 70 and 8753 from 55 to 70 respectively, according to the demographic age of the division. 2316. The density of population per gram of population is 177. In addition, agriculture is the livelihood of the majority of people in this division and their main source of income is agriculture. As the distribution of income is split, the families with the lowest income of Rs. 4380, which is considered as the lowest income family, has 5541 families and 599 families with more than 50,000 families are identified. At the same time, it is estimated that between Rs 5001-10000, 7289, Rs 10001-20000, 4852 and Rs. 20001-50000, the number of families in 3631 is identified according to Grama Niladari. Further, 14812 persons in the agricultural sector, 19596 persons earning their profession, 1199 who obtain their livelihoods through trade, 8045 income earners through the trade and living through the Samurdhi assistance provided by the government are taking into consideration the condition of the employed persons in the division. The group is identified as 6637. Social Services There are children and orthopedic houses in this division and public assistance and rehabilitation activities are carried out as social services. Among them, rehabilitation activities are carried out for the persons with disabilities, loan programs and subsidy programs for self employed persons. There are 1271 persons with identified identities in the division, 498 women and the male population of 773. Self-help programs and financial assistance programs are now being introduced for people with identified disabilities in the division. In addition, if these services are further expanded, disabled persons and their families will be a great help and will reduce their depression. . Although 438 women in the Middle East or foreign employment in Sri Lanka are able to go overseas economically advantageous, their family background is a disadvantageous situation. It is advisable to prepare a well informed method in order to facilitate the departure of women who migrate overseas.  

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