Divisional Secretary

  Name                 Mr.W.C.S.K.Rathnayaka                                     FB IMG 15412608426672189                                                                        
 Qualification  B.A.University of Ruhuna
   M.A. In Economic
     Dip. In Office Management Slida
     Dip. In Public  Administration Slida
 Work history

 2011.01.04 - 2016.12.29 Deputy Land Commissioner - Debarawewa.

  2016.12.30 - 2018.05.21 Assistant  Divisional Secretary  - welawaya
  2018 . 05.22 -  Divisional Secretary  - wellawaya

Assistant Divisional Secretary

   Name  No  

Assistant Directer  Planing

   Name  Mr.S.H.Udaya Kumara  IMG 20181031 152354    
 Qualification  Bsc. ( sp) Ruhuna
   M.A. In Business management - university of Ruhuna
  Dip.In Post Graduate
  Dip.In Development and Planing  SLIDA
Work history

 Development Officer -Rural Development Project - Hambanttota 1995

Development Officer -District Secreatiate - Hambanttota 2002

Assistant Directer  Planing - D.S. Dickwella 2010

Assistant Directer  Planing -District Secreatiate - Hambanttota 2010

Assistant Directer  Planing - D.S. Thangalla 2017

Assistant Directer  Planing - D.S. Wellawaya  2018 ( Prasent)


   Name  Mrs.S.M.C.S.Sathkumara  FB IMG 15416555851307140
   B.M.A (SP)  
 Work history  Accountant buttala -2008  
 Administrate Officer
   Name Mrs. H.W.K.Ranjani  FB IMG 15423427437954339
   Advance Level  
 Work history  1991.10.10 D.S. Madulla  
  1993 District  S. - Monaragala  
  1995 D.S. Elpitiya  
  1998 D.S. wellawaya  
  2017.09.15Administrate Officer-  D.S. wellawaya  
Aditional Distric Registrar
Name Mr.R.M.A.S.Kumara new adr
Qualification B.A.University Of Ruhuna
  Certificate of Computer technology (UOR)
  Certificate of Tamil language (UOR)
Work Histry Badalkumbura D.S.

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