Development proposals for 2018

Anapallama GN Divition

Construction of Transformer for Kandiya Water Supply Scheme
    concreting the
3th post Well-Road
    concreting the
3rd Mile Highway
    concreting the 
4 Mansion School Road
    concreting the
5th of the post on Jayantha's shop
    concreting the 
4th post The road from Wijeyadasa's house
    concreting the
3 mile from Upul / Seela to Nilanthage Deshappriya's house
Construction of Dharmashala at Sri Sudarshanaramaya (5m)
Reconstruction of Sanasa tank
Extension of water supply system

 Warunagama GN Divition

Extension of power up to Mr. Dhanoris' house up to Seelamgala section in the lower Warunagama section of the section
25 acre feet to enter the military camp at the 3rd mile post
Lower Warnugama walk from the section of the Bodhiya and extend the power line on the left
    Concreting the
Pahalaheyaya road
    Concreting the
Blocks 03 main road (other roads belonging to Wellarmar section situated along side by road junction 03 and Block 03)
    Concreting the
Malenawa Wewa, Rural Areas and Paddy fields
    Concreting the
Kotaweharagalayaya road, turn left to the left and proceed to the well
Kotteheragala Viharaya (Toilets 03, repairs to Dharma Hall, front pandal, well, construction of upstairs basement, construction of dam of the lake, renovation of the maternity clinic, construction of stairs to the top of the Girica, construction of stones, Construction of a road to watch the Vihara Temples, Ponds, Rahathas)
Reconstruction of the irrigation tank and concreting the canal is the Sannasuma lake
Malawana water scheme
Water supply scheme at Seelamgala area within the lower Warunagama section
Sewage Center

Wellawaya GN Divition

    Concreting the
Hospital mawatha (Hospital adjoining main road to house)
    Concreting the Concreting the
Upper Mallattawela road
Nikapitiya Central Road
    Concreting the
Mahawalamulla 02 Lane Road
    Concreting the 
Medagoda Weheragoda Road
   Concreting the 
Reconstruction of a vila Ela (1 km of side drains is concreted)
Implementation of Aysha anicut drinking water project
Developing community water supply scheme in Medagoda, Nawapitiya

 Kurugama GN Divition

Bambaragasaya Electrical Project
Sadeenwela electrification scheme
    Concreting the Road
From the gingerbread to Bambaragasaya
    Concreting the Puwakgahakiwla
   Concreting the 
road from Sedinawela
RakkittaKanda Raja Viharaya (construction of the Dharm Hall, to provide electricity, to conclude the access road)
Kurugama Irrigation Scheme
Boregasaya water scheme
Hunupatiya Community Hall - Closing the roof

 Randeniya GN Divition

Keriyagolla Priyantha up to Sandamali
Obtaining electricity to the Wellassa rural organization building
Right bank anicut
To the left bank anicut
Kumbukgolla anicut
Providing water to Kriyagolla (Premasiri house)
Watawala Aqua Water Scheme
Construction of the subsidiary office
Preparing the front of the service room


Siyambalagunaya GN Divition

Talagaha road
Polgas pitia Anicut Road
Ivorium Road
Bulugasiri road
Preparation of the Siyagul Viharaya
Jabber Drain
The only thing to drink is an anicut

Kotikambokka GN Divition

Supplying electricity to Helagalbokka DS division
Malabe electrification proposal
The road to Hingurugala village
Dekhena, Henwala road
Road of Dodammbandiya
On the Hinguragala road in front of Sarathpotha
Rathmalwehera Raja Maha Viharaya (Putting cement into Dhaml hall and residential facilities, building cemeteries, reconstruction of library building, roofing)
The Dodammandiya Anicut
Catchcombok Canal / Anicut
Hiruruwawe Rural Water Proposal
Getawhara Water Proposal

Galbakka GN Divition

Electricity scheme for Henagama village
Provision of electricity for 5 houses in Peraketiya through 2nd by road
Peraketiya road
Prokeketiya Divikena road
By-road to Ilukketiya
Prokeketiya Divikena road
Viharaggala sanctuary - Henaweawala village (construction of the Dharm Hall building and construction of toilets)
Ilukketiya anicut
Quilabore anicut
Uda Arava Anicut (Lower Galaboka)

Dimbullumura GN Divition

Paragasmanda Main Road
Samagi mawatha Dimbula Mura
No-Way Round Road
Paragasmankada Main Road (Welloda Road)
Road near Nedagri Bracky
Obtain water from the Mount Noel
Reconstruction of the Noetneln Mt. water tank
Construction of "Siga Piyasa"

Yalebava GN Divition

Seelabad 1 road
Electricity for Ruhunu Waththa Road
Sella Badawa 2 road
Wellassa Village road
Sarvodaya 1 road
Sittagamma 3 road
Construction of a Musli Mensagem Hall
Yalabawewa (Construction and Drainage Tank)

 Nugayaya GN Divition

Road near the 195th mile post
Youth Village Road to Annilagama
Batalhaara Gamananda Cemetery Road
Road in Anjaligama
Road near Beththara Gamasingamapala's house
Road in front of Pudukaya Road
Sri Gnanavimararamaya (Chaithya Hall, Boa Courtyard and surrounding courtyard)
Sellabha Raja Maha Viharaya (water supply, Reconstruction)
Improvement of rain water ponds - Nugaaya
Drinking up the hill near the 3rd Anthilage Anjaligama
Anlyagamakiri Oya Canal Road

Budduruwagala GN Divition

Preparation of Samagi Mawatha
From Vadahayalayaya School to Kahiyya Road
Wadinahallayaya near Rakpu Pre-School to Waikkaliya Road
Preparation of the service station
Buduruwagala Maha Vidyalaya

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